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"The saying 'you get what you pay for' is that ever true. I picked AstroXTC and scored big time! My report was absolutely gorgeous, and done right the first time. I'm very happy!"

-Helen Tucker

"The beautiful report I got gave me a lot of needed insight into my life, plus I had a blast reading it. All I can say is Thank You!!!"

-Mary Truman

"The Compatibility Report I received was so much fun to read, my boyfriend and I couldn't stop laughing. I look forward to ordering another report soon!"

-Stacy Naylor

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Other terms commonly used to describe this report include: Relocation Report, Habitat Report, Skills and Location Report, Happiness and Location.

"...helped me make my decision to travel to Costa Rica, where I was able to finish my novella and relax. The report was truly wonderful."
Sarah Jameson
Portland, OR
"...and felt more comfortable around the women more than any other place I have visited! The report I ordered was surprisingly accurate."
Todd Olson
Houston, TX

Find out where in the world you belong and fit in best!

We offer five different reports each covering its own specific area of interest. You may order all of them if you like.

Each report is detailed for you and gives you personalized insight into information that you otherwise would not have access to. Below listed are the categories you may choose from.

Find out your best places, and countries to:

  • Find Love and Romance
  • Have a Career or Vocation
  • Be Imaginative and Inspired
  • Make Friends and Raise a Family
  • Avoid and Watch Out for (Excitement and Instability)

The Relocation Report is a great way to compare different places you are considering to visit or move.

Know what to expect before you travel or move.

Select one or more of the following: